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We accept students ages 15 months old & up.

Single Full Day:            6-8 hrs./day                         

                                  $70.00 per day


Single Partial Day:        4-5.75 hrs./day                    

                                  $50.00 per day                    


A minimum of 4 hours per day and 3 days per week is required for attendance.

Care over 8 hours for any day will be prorated at $20.00 per hour.

*** The time between drop-off and pick-up on any given day may not exceed 9 hours. ***


Weekly fees are based on the agreed contract schedule and not actual attendance by the child. See our Parent Contract for additional details and policies.


These are the current enrollment documents, contracts, and handbook.

All student files are updated annually in August.

Before a child's first day of attendance, the parent/guardian should read the EEC Parent Handbook.





Paperwork must be completed, including:
- Payment contract

- Enrollment packet, including developmental history
- Current (within 12 months) physical, immunization, and lead test record

Prior to the first day of your child's attendance the following forms need to be completed:


FCC Enrollment Packet: 





Parent contract:

Presently being revised, check back later for updated contract.

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